Building Trust: Ideas & Design Guide for Chiropractic Business Cards

Here are some design notes to keep in mind when getting your chiropractic business cards designed – before we get to some examples of ideal designs, and links to designers and printers who can get you started.

These are the things I would keep in mind if asked to design a chiropractor’s business card. This profession is all about trust. So the look and feel of your business card and branding needs to reflect that. So I would focus on a minimalistic style business card with a few subtle premium touches.

Things To Avoid When Designing Your Business Card

Avoid using photographs or images. Your card will have “chiropractor” somewhere on the card written in text, so you don’t have to have an image saying the same thing. It’s like putting an image of an apple on a piece of paper, then writing “Apple” under it. The design examples below all have a clean, minimalist look, without any images printed onto them

Avoid special cut shapes, you don’t need gimmicks here. I would avoid adding any shine or glitz to the card in the form of foil printing (what is foil printing? – Design Workshop – Printing Technique: Foil Stamped Business Cards). Keep it clean – the ideal card design is black and white, on a thick slightly textured card/stock, with embossing. Another thing to avoid is using thin, flimsy card – this makes you look bad.

A Subtle Touch of Class

When designing a minimalist and simple business card you’ll want to add subtle luxury touches. The way to do this is to get embossing done. This gives depth to a business card and texture for people to feel. Here is an example (image credit):

Embossed Card

Remember that in peoples’ minds, the quality of the design and the card/stock you use links to the quality of your services.


Design Examples, Inspiration, and Ideas 

Schuck – By Ineo Designlab (simple design with foil printing)

Schuck Jewelry Branding

Schuck Jewelry Branding


Emma Hooton – By Blush Publishing

Butterfly Illustration

Letterpress printing would be the recommended way of having your chiropractic business cards printed. This is when your details are made into a metal plate. This plate is covered in ink, and then pressed onto the card. It leaves a slight impression on the card – which is a nice little touch.

Neal Brown Letter Press Business Cards – By CODO Deisgn

Letter Press Neal Brown

Letter Press Neal Brown

Here are more examples of embossed business cards:

Distillery – By Felix Ng

Distillery Embossed Business Cards


Stage Right – By Dolce Press

Stage Right Embossed Printing


Caratime – As Seen on Behance

Caratime Business Cards

Caratime Business Cards


Black Umbrella – By MyORB

Black Umbrella Branding

Black Umbrella Branding

Here is an example of a die cut business card (a custom shape):

Brain&Storm – By Face

Brain and Storm Die Cut

Getting Them Made

Here are some links to printers and designers that can get you professional business cards made just like the ones featured above. Show them pictures of card designs you like, plus any features you want: embossing, letterpress, printed on thick card, etc. Good designers will be able to take your profession and create a suitable card for you.   ***links coming soon***


Here are some free templates from Using templates is not recommended, but it is a quick and simple way of getting cards printed.  It does take time to find printers and designers, but the result is professional, premium business cards that reflects your business.

Painful Locations Template – Available Here

Physical Therapist Business Card


Mahogany Template – Available Here

Mahogany Template


Monogram Template – Available Here

HU Template



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