Designs and Ideas for Creating Delicious Catering Business Cards

When you are doing work on a project by project basis, your business card is an important asset. When asked how we would go about designing catering business cards, this is what we thought of. Below we go over the different styles ideal for the business card design (photographic or minimalist). There are some examples of card designs that would suit a caterer, and then we’ve included a few templates that can get you printing cards within the hour.

Choosing Between the Photographic or Minimalist Business Card Style

There are two styles that I would recommend to a caterer looking to make business cards. The ideal choice, if you can get all the parts lined up, is a photographic style business card. The second choice would be a minimalistic business card style.

photography style

Include a photograph on the back of your business cards to show off your work

image credits: Funnel, Premium Cards

The Photographic Style

Let’s start off with the photographic style of business cards. The point of including a photograph on your business card is to show off your work as a caterer. You can do this by either 1. Showing the food you prepare or 2. Showing the event settings you’ve worked in.

Showing The Event

If you work as a wedding caterer, or have done large, beautiful events, the setting of the events would be a great thing to show off. Yes, people are hiring a caterer for the food, but they are looking to incorporate that into the bigger scheme of things – their event. A photograph of the best event you’ve catered for shows the kind of clients you have, that you are a professional, and you can handle big/elegant/styled event. All of that comes across in one photograph.

For this type of business card design, you’d want to go double sided. Put the photograph and caption on the back, and your details on the other side for a clean design. Caption the photograph to let people know it was an event you catered for i.e. “Rory and Diyana’s Napa Valley Wedding” (photo credit: Howie Le):

catering businesscard layout

‘Showing The Event’ layout design

Showing The Food

The second photographic option is to showcase the food you prepare. This would be close ups of the food, or a shot of a decorated table.

Whether you choose to use a photograph of an event or your food, you want to use professionally taken photos. Getting a professional shot of the setting is easy if the event hired a photographer. Get a hold of the photographs and ask if you can use one for your catering business cards. The food shot might need some work on your part, or you can see if any of the food was photographed in your past events, or ask the photographer if he can get one or two snaps at your next event. It might be better to get photographs of your food in a more controlled environment – as you want to have the best lighting, the right background, and layout of the food.

One way to bootstrap the photography of your food is to post an ad at the nearest art college to find a student studying photography to come and do it for you. Just make sure you know what you want ahead of time – clean lighting, the background you want (plain white, on a wooden table, on linen, etc.), the layout of the food, etc.

Avoid generic stock photographs of food. It is pretty clear, right away, that it is stock photography. You’re better off going with a minimalist look for your catering business card, than using stock photos.

Here are some examples of professional food photography – you really get that feeling of wanting to pick up the food and eat it. That is the reaction you want to get when you give your business cards to people – give them a mouth watering sample of what you can create (credit):

food photography examples

Examples of food photography: using the right lighting, layout, and backgrounds to get the best shots

Choosing the Minimalist Style

If for some reason getting a photographic style business card is out of the question, then opt for a clean minimalist style. In the examples below you’ll see some minimalist business card designs. You’ll still want to make use of both sides of the card (as people perceive this to be higher quality). Put a small illustration of a fork, for example, on one side (like the butterfly in the example below – by Blush Publishing), and your details on the other. Or your business/personal name on one side and your contact details on the other. In the next section we go over the elements that make a professional looking business card, all are even more important when designing a minimalist styled business card.

Butterfly Illustration

Design Inspiration: A small illustration can make for a great design element

Design Guidelines

If you go out and design, or hire a designer to make your business cards, you’ll have a lot of choices and options to make your card look as good as possible. At the end of this article we have links to design templates that you can use to quickly make your cards, which avoids all these additional choices:

Font Choice – Keep it simple and clean. Two of the best fonts to use are Helvetica or Bakersfield. Here are samples of the fonts (which can be downloaded for free here and here):

Quicksand font

Quicksand Font

Garogier font

Garogier font

The Layout – Don’t clutter your business card. Try to minimize the amount of text on the card. In the examples below you’ll see all of the text aligned to one side or centered. The text isn’t too big and overpowering – it is small and understated, you don’t need to scream out your details.

Card Type aka ‘Stock’ – You can have the world’s best business card design, but if you print it on cheap and flimsy card all of that work gone into designing it is wasted. Look for a thick card, and a simple texture can add a nice touch – but don’t go too crazy with it.

Images – We have touched upon images earlier – go for quality no matter what. Avoid stock photos and photos from point and shoot cameras that have washed out colors.

Special Printing -If you are going for the photographic style business card, you can leave it at that. Just print it on a thick card. If you are going for a minimalist style, then look into different printing techniques to add a special touch (you don’t want to over complicate things with the photographic style). Some printing techniques to consider are embossing, and foil printing. Distillery – By Felix Ng:

distillery embossed card

Design Inspiration: Embossed printing

Distillery Card

Design Inspiration: Embossed printing

The quality of your business card, from the photograph to the card your print on, gives people a direct look into the quality of your catering business. If you have shoddy business cards, they’ll expect the same with the catering. If you have taken the time to get quality business cards made, they’ll expect the same with your services.

 Food Specific Designs

Food For My Family – Designed by Jane Reaction

Food for My Family Business Cards

Catering Style Business Cards

Food for My Family

Food for My Family


Studio Revolucija by Vladimir Koncar



Free Food Related Templates from

All In The Ingredients Template – Available Here

Ingredients Template


Lara Cameron Template – Available Here

Cooking Template



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