Design Tips & Ideas for Creating Teacher Business Cards [Image Gallery]

Here are some design tips for teachers looking to get business cards designed, along with images of ideas and design examples.

Types of Teachers

What you teach plays a major role in the design of your business cards. Teachers who are focused more on younger people for example should have card designs that are more colorful and friendly. While a yoga teacher would have more earth tone, natural colors. Most other subjects could go with a simple, clean design printed on quality, textured, thick card.

Using Images

Avoid putting pictures of what you teach onto your business card. Your business card is going to have ‘Music/Piano Teacher’ or ‘Spanish Teacher’ written on the card, so you don’t need to add a picture of piano keys or a Spanish flag. That’s like an apple picture with ‘apple’ written underneath it – it is unnecessary (unless you are talking to toddlers), clutters the design, and makes the business card look slightly unprofessional.

I would avoid using photographs on the business card design. An exception would be the use of textures – like a close up of grass for a yoga teacher, or hard wood for a piano teacher. Even then this would be second best to these ideas:

Small simple illustrations make for good looking business cards. These illustrations can be something related to your subject, like the penguin with glasses example below would suit a math teacher (via), the butterfly example would be ideal for a yoga teacher (via), while the apple faces business card make for a good design for a substitute teacher (via):

Penguin Teacher Business Card Design

Butterfly Business Card Design

In the 3 examples above you can see that thick card was used. This creates a higher quality business card. In peoples’ heads, the quality of your card (the design and the material it is printed on) is linked to the quality of your teaching. A subtle touch that adds to the quality of the business cards above is that the illustrations and text have a slight indentation. This is done through letterpress or deboss printing. In our Printers & Designers post **[coming soon]** we have links to printers and designers who can create these sorts of business cards.

Embossing is when a design is pressed into the card from the back, lifting the design up on the card – the opposite effect of debossing and letterpress. This creates a slight 3D effect, and adds depth to the card. Here are some examples (image credits: XavierFelix Ng):

Distillery Embossed Business Card

Design Inspiration: Embossed printing

Embossed Card

It is a design element that doesn’t clutter up the space on the card, but still adds a premium touch. All the embossed business cards above have a simple design. There are no pictures or fancy fonts used. The embossing is what adds that special element to the card. This design style would be ideal for most teacher business cards, like math, English, Spanish, on call etc. More on embossing: Design Workshop – Printing Technique: Embossed Business Card Designs **[coming soon]**

Adding Color – Ideal Designs for Dance Teachers and Teachers Focusing on the Young

One way of adding color to a business card, while keeping a professional look, is to ask for side printing. This adds a subtle splash of color on the side of the card (via: Blush Publishing):

Pink Business Cards


Slim business cards are less formal and ideal for those who want to be more approachable and give off a friendly vibe:

Slim business card design

PopUp Design


Other Teacher Style Business Card Examples and Ideas

Die cut business cards (custom shapes and cut outs) can be used creatively to create unique cards (via):

Smiley Card


Templates has a range of free templates and samples that you can use to create your teacher business cards. Below are 2 we found, which can be printed through Moo.

Retro Calculator Template (here)

Retro Calculators Template

Monogram Templates (here)

Monogram Template


For inspiration for yoga style business cards check out our post on spa card designs: Designs & Ideas for Create Soothing Spa Business Cards [Image Gallery] **[coming soon]**


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