Hot or Cold: Design Ideas For HVAC Business Cards

Here we have outlined a range of design ideas you can use to create business cards for a HVAC service. At the end of the post, we’ve included some links to printers, designers, and templates you can customize and order online.

Illustration Ideas for HVAC Business Cards

Technical style drawings can give that feel of a professional service. Here are some examples:

Technical Drawings (via: Bondi Hardware & Kevin Meyer

Technical Drawing

Mechanical Business Cards

Mechanical Business Cards


Branding: How about creating a simple brand for your services. This can be basic, like in the examples below. Just using a bold retro font shows a hands on and mechanical working theme:

Zito’s Branding (via)

Zitos Branding


Zitos Branding


Fred Up Front Branding (via)

Fred Up Front Logo

Fred Up Front Branding


Hands On Metal

One design idea is to print on metal. This definitely goes over and beyond what most people would do. It is doable, as seen in the examples below. It is however expensive, and not so necessary (via Pure Metal Cards & Card Observer)

Metal Business Card Design

Metal Business Card Design


Another way to infuse this metal theme into your business cards is to print a metal texture or have a metal graphic of some sort (via):

Metal Texture


Using Color – Hot or Cold Designs

You could also play on the opposites of the HVAC service, the hot and cold. Have one side of the business card in orange or yellow and the other side in blues.

Here is an example of a card that just uses warm, hot colors:

Renhand Business Card Design

Renhand Business Card Design


Remember that people will link the quality of your business cards to your services. Try and get your cards printed on thick card and not on thin and flimsy card. Our post Printers/Designers **[coming soon]**  has links to printers and designers that can create professional and premium business cards for you.

For cheaper business cards, have a look at where you can order simple cards directly online. Here are free design templates they have, which you can customize by entering in your contact details:

Floor Plan Business Card Template

Blueprints Card Design Template


Your Dream Home Card Template

Residential Card Design Template



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