The Design Elements for Making Retro Business Cards [Image Gallery]

Retro designs take inspiration from the 50s and 60s. Characteristics include dynamic graphics, space travel, pin up girls, old car designs, or war related graphics. Illustrations (vs. photographs) were mainly used as full color printing was expensive. This means you’ll see designs of retro business cards that make use of a few solid colors.

This illustration style made use of bold lines, again with solid chunks of color (via):

Retro Business Card Design Style

There are also a few signature shapes that help give that retro feeling:

Retro Shapes

Font Choice

The font choice plays a large role in creating that unique retro look. As you’ll see in the examples and design styles below, the fonts are either chunky bold texts or bold scripts. Here are three retro style fonts that are free to download:

Airstream Font

Airstream Retro Font


Deftone Stylus Font

Deftone Stylus Retro Font


Forque Retro Font

Forque Retro Font


Retro Business Cards – Examples, Ideas and Inspiration

Duct Tape and Glitter Business Cards (via)

Duct Tape Retro Cards

Duct Tape Retro Cards

Duct Tape Retro Cards


TDH Creative Business Card Design (via)

TDH Card Design

TDH Card Design


Shan Thompson (via)

Shan Thompson Card Design


Press Pass (via)
Press Pass Business Card Design
Press Pass Business Card Design


Modern Retro Designs

Here are some business card designs that use retro elements, but have a more minimalist/modern style:

Javier Garcia (via)

JG Designs

JG designs


Highbrow Men’s Grooming Lounge (via)

Highbrow Men's Grooming Lounge


The First Sixty-Five (via)

The First Sixty Five Designs

The First Sixty Five Designs



Our Printers/Designers *[coming soon]* post has a bunch of links to top notch graphic designers and printers that can get you started printing your retro cards. If you want to get started right now and print your cards instantly online, then check out these retro styled templates from

I Made You A Mix Tape Template –

Mixtape Business Card Template


Aliens –

Aliens Card Design



Keep the retro theme going with these business card holders:

Fuuvi Retro Cassette Tape Card Holder (via)

Cassette Card Holder


Buck Rogers Retro Business Card Holder (via)

Buck Rogers Retro Card Holder


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