Ideas and Designs for Photo Wedding Invitations: From Postcards to Viewmasters!

A photographic style wedding invitation is a great design choice because photos help tell a story and personalize the invites. There are many ways to use photographs to create unique wedding invites, from the style of photography you use (vintage, photo booth, etc), to how you print them (slides for a Viewmaster, on postcards, etc).

Recycled Swiss Postcard Photo Wedding Invitations

Designed by Emphase Sarl, these wedding invitations were printed on old postcards of the Swiss mountains. Screen printing allowed for the details and round logo to be printed directly onto the postcards, and still have the background show through.

Swiss Postcard Wedding Invites

Swiss Postcard Wedding Invites

Swiss Postcard Wedding Invites

Simple But Elegant Ideas and Designs for Photographic Postcard Wedding Invitations

Postcards are slightly less formal wedding invites, which is great if that’s the way you want to go. Here are a range of different postcard invite styles from ones that use typography well, to others that have a vintage feel.

Postcard 01 (via)

Postcard Wedding Invitation 01


Postcard 02 (via)

Wedding Invitation Postcard


Postcards (via)

Photo Postcard Invite

Postcard Save The Date

Wedding Postcard Invitations


Postcards with Ribbon (via)

Ribbon Postcard Invitation


Sydney Postcards (via)

Sydney Wedding Postcards


Viewmaster Invitation

We covered the details of this creative invitation in our Creative and Elegant Wedding Invitations (From Photo booths, Viewfinders to Vinyl Records) *[coming soon]*.  Melangerie over at Etsy takes custom orders, and turns photographs into Viewmaster slides with text on them – all of which is presented beautifully in a box with an invite inside.

Creative Viewmaster Wedding Invitations

Creative Viewmaster Wedding Invitations


Chalkboard Post Card Invitation Idea

How about using a chalk board to write the details of the wedding? Then take a photograph together in front of it to be printed out on card (site).

Chalkboard Wedding Background


Photo Booth Wedding Invitation

Here is a creative way to use photography in a wedding invite. Andy and Kirsty took booth style photos and added an elegant tag to display the details of the wedding.

Photo Booth Wedding Invitations

Photo Booth Wedding Invitations


Illustrations with Photography

Here is an example of an invitation that uses a photo but also includes illustrative elements to give the design a more whimsical feel (via). For more rustic style wedding invites have a look at our post here: Vintage and Rustic Wedding Invitations Collection [Image Gallery].

Barn Wedding Invitation


Meeting Point – Creative Use of Photography and a Wrap Around

This is an example of going beyond the photograph, using printing materials, to create a cute and unique wedding invitation idea (via). For more cute invitation ideas have a look at our post here: Funny and Cute Wedding Invitations *[coming soon]*

Cute Meeting Point Wedding Invitation

Meeting Point Wedding Invite


Vintage Style Photography Wedding Invites

And lastly we have these vintage styled save the date cards, which were made with black and white photos and a typewriter (via).

Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Vintage Style Wedding Invitations

Vintage Style Wedding Invitations


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